Saturday, August 21, 2010

Loco Weed

The first time I found this flower it was in my garden and I was entranced. I hadn't planted it and it had seemingly  sprouted up and bloomed in one night. Its beautiful cream and violet blooms had a spicy scent. I thought it had been sent from heaven.

This plant is known by Jimson Weed, Loco Weed, and the devil's trumpet. It is poisonous to humans, pets and livestock.
If it doesn't kill, it makes you mad for a few days.
The plant was used to drug British soldiers in one of the first American rebellions against the British. Several British soldiers were made mad for a few days. They recovered and didn't even remember the event.

The plant should be destroyed, if you find it living with you. Under no circumstances should it be added to stew (a family of six is said to have been hospitalized after eating said stew.)  Too bad it is so poisonous; it is really beautiful.  

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