Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fishing report

Fields full of flowers and butterflies and fishing so great that I had to pull my line out of the water just to eat a bite of lunch; that's how my fishing day went at the Kankakee River.

My first cast yielded a 13 1/2 inch large mouth. A large mouth slightly smaller appeared on my second cast and so went the morning until about 12:30 when the fish suddenly and abruptly quit biting.

So I hiked up the path and found a shady spot where I could dip my toes in the water and keep cool while I casted my line among some small pan fish. After a while a group of small mouth bass moved in. The biggest was around 12 inches. And so this is how I wiled away the afternoon in heaven.

This is how fishing is this week down the river from the site where they plan to build the trash to ethanol plant; the plant that they plan to build right there in the flood plain of the river.

How long will heaven be here? Where will future fisherpersons cast lines to catch large mouth and small mouth bass all afternoon?    

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