Who the heck writes this blog anyway?


I've been an amateur naturalist and nature photographer for over ten years. All the photos you see in this blog are my own.

I've completed the Indiana DNR's amateur naturalist program and the River Watch program. I recommend them to anyone who is concerned about the environment and curious about the nature that they see when walking and hiking in Indiana. These programs point out nature that may be hidden from the casual observer. They also teach ways of protecting the environment that you'll come to love as you learn about it.

Each day I take a hike and photograph things I find along an Indiana trail. Often I am accompanied by Daisy, my Westie, and tiny Rosie, a Shitzu. Sometimes the girls like to get in the way of the camera but more often than not they wait patiently for me to get the picture right.

My camera is an Olympus 570UZ. It's the second Olympus I've owned and I wouldn't own anything other than Olympus; I like them that much. 

I'm glad you stopped by to view my work. You're the one I do this for. Please click the follow button as I post everyday except for Sundays. There's so much in this beautiful state of Indiana to see. I'll see you on the trail!