Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wandering Turtles

Turtle, why do you wander so? Is it for love? Or are you looking for a select spot to leave your eggs?

After being sick of the sight of so many of these guys lying smushed on the roads this year, I stopped to help this one so it wouldn't become another casualty. He or she was not appreciative, as I knew would be the case.

I had heard that these guys have strong jaws that latch on to fingers, toes, etc and then refuse to let go; so I went to my car and grabbed the long snow scraper I have yet to stow for the summer. The turtle had almost crossed the road but was headed for the side that had a fence which would leave the turtle without a place to go. So I had to persuade it to go back where it had come from; a nice shady, moist side that had a swamp a short distance away.

As I walked up to the turtle he raised up on his feet and stood tall and swaggered a stare at me; letting me know who was boss. I cautiously placed my snow scraper close to his face. True to form, he used his massive jaws to snap at the scraper; but then he let go.

I tried to prod him across the no avail. He would just dig in his heels and look annoyed. Finally I rolled him to the other side of the road. You can just imagine his look of indignation when I set him upright in the shade on the safe side of the road.

Nope. No look of gratefulness. No thank you. Just outrage and disgust. Best wishes guy.

Watch out for the turtles.      

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