Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fishing at Willow Slough

Sunday I took an old-fashioned  picnic of cold chicken, potato salad, beans, and peaches down to Willow Slough.

The focus of Willow Slough is Murphy Lake. The lake was drained a few years back, in a massive undertaking by the DNR. I followed some people out into the lake area shortly after the draining. Shortly after the people had disappeared, I sank into a muddy area of the lake bottom up past my knees. Fortunately my two little dogs were out walking with me and I some how managed to come out of the quicksand with their help.

The lake is finally getting back to normal. An hour of fishing yielded many bites and a good sized small mouth bass. There were a lot of good times being had around the lake; people fishing, camping, and picnicking.

Even though the lake is where most people spend their time, there are other things to do at Willow Slough. I took my bicycle down a couple of the country roads that criss-cross the property. You can see wildlife; deer, raccoon, turtles, snakes, minks, weasels, butterflies, and wildflowers. The country roads offer some good nature hiking too, if a bicycle is not your thing.

After an afternoon of bicycling and a picnic dinner I finished off the day with some more fishing in the area; caught a bunch of little ones, nothing worth keeping; my it was a great day!           

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