Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Turtle eggs

While hiking the Indiana Dunes I came upon turtles that were busy digging nests to lay eggs.

Our turtles in Indiana dig nests in the same way as those more popularly written about sea turtles and, unfortunately, some of our turtles are equally as endangered.

Turtle eggs are magical looking things; they almost glow with a pinkish light. The shell is not as hard as a chicken egg and instead of the normal "egg shape" turtle eggs tend to be round.

I am very careful about not disturbing the turtles. I keep my distance and use a long lens to take pictures. In a few weeks I expect to see a bunch of empty egg shells along the path and hope that the little ones survive the many predators like raccoons, possums, and SUV tires that like to prey on them.

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