Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunset Hill Farm County Park

A jewel in the Porter County, Indiana park system Sunset Hill Farm County Park offers plenty of places to hike and picnic.

    Donated by a veteran of the first world war, Colonel Robert H. Murray,  for use as a county park, the park was a working dairy farm into the 1970's.  Unfortunately, the historic old farmhouse and a few of the original farm buildings have been lost in the last couple of years. Colonel Murray's grave lies on a hillside under enormous trees.

The park offers wonderful hiking trails where you can enjoy wildflowers in fields and forests. Deer, possum, raccoon, and the usual squirrel and rabbit can be viewed in the park. Bird watchers are in for a real treat; blue birds are abundant. Butterflies are plentiful among the wildflowers and in the forest understory.

Although there are a couple of ponds within the park fishing is not permitted. Dogs are very welcome in the park but they must be leashed. There was a problem within the park last year concerning an unleashed dog; so, please, control your Fido. 

The park has a busy calendar of activities on spring and summer weekends and a beautiful lightshow at Christmas. So, make some time to come for a hike in the park.  

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