Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day and it's Apple Blossom Time

April left us overnight with a gentle rain. This first morning of May brought flowers that seemingly appeared overnight. The forest floor is covered in gold and pink and white and blue.  Bees buzz. Robins carry bits of nesting material in their beaks. The sound of the bird song is different in May than it will be in August after all the babies are raised and out of the nest and the leaving time has almost come again. The promise of the season is in the air. Anything can happen.

Apples are members of the rose family. Most apples are not indigenous to Indiana, nevertheless, they are particularly beautiful against a brilliant May sky and where would we be without the apple trees? The smell of the apple blossoms is intoxicating and the bees were busy early this morning gathering the sweet pollen.  

As promised in April, the May apples produced numerous blooms today as if on cue. You are required to stoop and look underneath the big leaves of this wildflower if you want to gaze at its flower. Most May Apples produce only one blossom. The blossom looks quite loved and protected underneath those big leaves.

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