Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fishing report

The fish are being  persnickety nibblers. I caught  a number of fish on yesterday's trip to the Kankankee but I had to work hard for the catch.

Being a fisherwoman who fishes mostly by myself I have been questioned by other women who find it incredible that I would fish. It is difficult to translate the feeling that I get when I fish. It is like asking why I breathe.

Every fisherperson knows that fishing is one of the most intimate ways that you can participate in nature. Fish are no dummies and they will outsmart even the pro's. Even young fish can be witty. Several times yesterday I lost my bait to what I thought was a smart grandfather fish but came up with a baby not much bigger than a minnow. Then there was the grandfather fish, big as my arm,  who swirled up out of the water to take my bait only to spit it right back at me.

When fishing you can forget that the rest of the world and its problems exist. It is only you and the fish on equal footing; neither of you is at a disadvantage when you're fishing with a rod and a reel. And the fishing after-glow can last for days...until the next time you can visit those fish again.

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