Thursday, January 13, 2011


Can you see the sparkle of tiny rainbows in the snow?

Hard to believe that underneath grows the promise of the springtime. 


“SOFTLY sinking through the snow,
To our winter rest we go,
Underneath the snow to house
Till the birds be in the boughs,
And the boughs with leaves be fair, 
And the sun shine everywhere.
“Softly through the snow we settle,
Little snow-drops press each petal.
Oh, the snow is kind and white,—
Soft it is, and very light; 
Soon we shall be where no light is,
But where sleep is, and where night is,—
Sleep of every wind unshaken,
Till our Summer bids us waken.”
Then toward some far-off goal that singing drew; 
Then altogether ceas’d; more steely blue
The blue stars shone; but in my spirit grew
Hope of Summer, love of Roses,
Certainty that Sorrow closes.

From Garden Fairies by
Philip Bourke Marston (1850–87)

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