Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Bookshelf

One early spring a few years ago I took off in search of the beginnings of the spring bird migration. As it turned out I was a little late and as I traveled south I discovered wave after wave of birds heading north. Nevertheless it was a grand experience.

On my bookshelf I have an old copy of Where the Birds Are  by John Oliver Jones. The book is full of maps, wildlife spots, and information on birds to look for in each location.

This book is not a field guide; you won't find pictures of any birds inside. What you will find is the most comprehensive amount of information brought together in one place on where you might go to observe certain species and at what time of the year you need to be at a given location for viewing.

I plan to get this book off the shelf again some snowy day this winter and dream of some place to go this spring to add another bird to my life list.

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