Thursday, November 1, 2012

Forest Trail

As one dark morn I trod a forest glade,
A sunbeam enter’d at the further end,
And ran to meet me thro’ the yielding shade
As one, who in the distance sees a friend,
And, smiling, hurries to him; but mine eyes,
Bewilder’d by the change from dark to bright,
Receiv’d the greeting with a quick surprise
At first, and then with tears of pure delight;
For sad my thoughts had been—the tempest’s wrath
Had gloom’d the night, and made the morrow gray;
That heavenly guidance humble sorrow hath,
Had turn’d my feet into that forest-way,
Just when His morning light came down the path,
Among the lonely woods at early day.

Charles Tennyson Turner---The Forest Glade

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