Friday, October 14, 2011

Don't know what you've got till it's gone.....

An October sunset at Sunset Hill Farm County Park in Porter County Indiana. I've sat and watched the sunset on many an October evening---the time of year when sunset naturally occurs during my after work hike through a very special stand of woods here in this part of Indiana.

And just like in all areas of the country, there are people who don't want to share and don't think much before they deface and destroy for their own purposes. And for whatever reasons, the powers that be allow these people to come in and not only stomp wildlife and wildflower areas but deface trees, erect platforms, and post no trespassing signs in a public park set aside for everyone to share.

These are the places I photographed wildflowers, rare Jack in the Pulpits, this spring. It's where coyotes and minks slink, where chipmunks burrow, where the next year's crop of butterflies are growing in the understory that now is stomped and destroyed.

The culprits this time are Abee Inc. I hadn't heard of them until I saw their no trespassing signs posted in the park. In one area they have re-carved a path out of the understory. A path that I have traversed on almost a daily basis over a period of years, this morning I became disorientated on. In addition if it would have been a darker day I or anyone else using the path may not have seen the obstacle course that this organization's members have erected in this beloved forest.  

Fortunately, in this very park there is going to be a meeting soon. Hopefully this will be the appropriate platform to stop this kind of defacing activity and ensure that all park visitors share in the park without defacing the property or destroying wildlife and wildflower habitat.

    I've already emailed the Abee organization, along with the county commissioners in charge of the park system and the park system itself. Join me in protecting our beautiful treasure.

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