Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue Heron

The geese are long gone from the marsh by this time of year.

This year is a particularly good one for herons; they squawk over the marsh as I walk through. I  regret that I've disturbed them from their dining on the multitude of frogs that have turned up to dine on the multitude of bugs that the hot, rain drenched days have created this year.

It is an amazing thing that nature knows to send the herons to eat the frogs to eat the insects; everything so connected and well balanced.


  1. Hi I love your blog. I have been searching blogs with the same interests when I came across yours. The Blue Heron is such an amazing bird. I live in CT and they are very skiddish here but I recently went to a nature preserve in PA and got so close it was amazing. I think I posted the pic on my blog if I didnt I will today. very nice shot I was sooo happy. Thank you for sharing

  2. Why thank you so much and welcome! I'll be sure to catch your blog too. I like to see how the wildlife is doing across the country.