Saturday, May 14, 2011

Red-Headed Woodpecker

Bird watchers were rewarded at the Indiana Dunes last Sunday with a wide variety of birds.

I was hoping to catch sight of a Whippoorwill but when I searched in the area of the call I discovered a Red-winged Blackbird mimicking a call!

The areas between the Dunes are great for birdwatching and I found a pair of Red-Headed Woodpeckers hunting for insects. They were sticking to one area. Hopefully they are here to nest.  



  1. I love woodpeckers. We see them in our yard regularly. Two years ago we had one that would peck on our siding and rattle our entire house. He did this on a regular basis. Not really a good way to be woke up in the morning. Ha.

  2. I, too,had one pecking at the aluminum on my house just the other day, crazy bird.