Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fallen Trees

Just days before Christmas last year, I nearly had a tree fall on my home. It was during one of those windy snow storms that I heard the creaking come from the tree. I looked up in horror as half the giant tree swayed toward my home. Every future Christmas I will  look back and give thanks for those hard working guys that came out on a cold and stormy night to shore up that tree for later removal.

This was a bad winter for trees everywhere. During a recent walk at the Indiana Dunes I found several trees in the bog that had tipped over. Many of the bog trees have shallow roots making them targets of the heavy winds and snow that we had this winter. 

The natural cycle of the trees of the bog can be seen at different stages. Little islands form in the bog itself. Trees take root,  growing taller as other trees around them become too tall and are targets of the windy weather. When the trees fall they often take the whole island with them. And they slowly return to the bog to nourish another island; another tree. 


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