Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mystery Picture Saturday --Win free note cards

Last week's Mystery Picture was taken on the Little Calumet River in Gary, Indiana. There is abundant wildlife in this area of the river. Even though areas of the river are still be cleaned of pollution, we share the water with ducks, geese, herons, muskrat, and deer.

For several years, during the darkest days of my life so far, I stopped by this area of the river and watched the seasons change and the wildlife struggle to exist on this tiny piece of urban property.

We often take for granted tiny oasis' of nature in our urban areas and so they become neglected and abused. At the same time we give money and time to save the rainforests, while all the time we could be saving something we can touch right in our own backyards.

For a chance to win some Blue Heron Moon Notecards on the first day of spring name the park that the picture below was taken. The week's clue is the place is in the Northern fourth of Indiana. Good Luck.

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