Friday, December 17, 2010

Bunny Boon or Bust

The Indiana Dunes had a bunny boon in 2006. The little ones were all over the place that year.

Many species of plant and animal go through boon and bust cycles and many are interconnected in ways that humans are only beginning to understand.

The picture of this little bunny was captured in 2006 when every two or three feet along the path a tiny baby bunny would appear and sample the salad along the path rim. In 2010 I saw a couple of grown rabbits but no babies along the same area.  

A great book to learn all there is to know about rabbits is The Private Life of the Rabbit by R. M. Lockley. This book details studies performed on rabbit populations on a farm in England. Population numbers and rabbit behavior was found to be affected by different stimuli in amazing and interesting ways. Everything you ever wanted to know about rabbits can be found in The Private Life of the Rabbit.    

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