Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mystery Picture Saturday --Chance to win free note cards

Last week's mystery picture was of one of my favorite places in Harmonie State Park.

Harmonie State Park has some of the best trails of all the Indiana parks. Trails follow a small stream that carries tiny fish directly into the Wabash.

The park protects a delicate ecosystem not found elsewhere in Indiana; it feels like a different world.

The park is totally transformed from one season to another. There are delicate wildflowers underneath the trees and tucked into ravines in the spring. In the summer the sunlight filtering down through the trees feels as if it comes directly down from the angels in heaven.

And then there is early fall, my favorite time; when the butterflies congregate around the nature center, the plums and persimmons fall wild from the trees, and you just might catch the biggest fish you ever caught while fishing from the bank of the Wabash in the center of the park.

This week's mystery picture is of an Indiana immigrant:

Put your guess of where in Indiana this picture was taken in the comments. All correct guesses go into a hat for a chance to win some Blue Heron Moon Notecards when the first day of spring gets here.

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