Tuesday, October 26, 2010


A week ago was Blog Action day where bloggers everywhere drew attention to the world's water. I participated on one of my other blogs, but such an important cause deserves another mention here.  

Whether it's the water in Lake Michigan, part of the world's largest sources of freshwater  or the water in my favorite fishing hole; water is something that I can't live without. Having grown up in the Midwest where water is more plentiful than elsewhere, I am fortunate. However, our water is often so polluted that we can't even eat the fish caught in some areas.

And still there are people who are so shortsighted that they would build factory plants in the middle of a flood plain, risking some of our less polluted areas.

The time has come for us to make long range plans and commitments to protect our precious resourses for today and tommorrow.

Please navigate to this website and sign the petition to protect our water and make sure all humans on the planet have access to clean water of their own.  

Enjoy the short video below that I took of one of my favorite streams, Coffee Creek, here in Northwest Indiana. Coffee Creek flows right into Lake Michigan. 

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