Friday, July 23, 2010

Fishing report--it's hot but the fishing's great!

Went down to the Kankakee River this week for a little fishing; the first I've done since Memorial Day Weekend. I know some day I will regret that I took so many days off from fishing to work; but oh well.

It was hot out there; even the birds were panting in the shade. The water in the fishing hole was very warm; I'm really surprised that the fish were as active as they were. I caught and released a couple of good sized large mouth bass, a few bullheads and an assortment of bluegill and crappie, in between feeding the turtles.

I climbed right into the warm water with the fish to stay cool myself. By climbing I mean I shimmied down a five foot bank with fishing rod. At one point I had a seventeen inch large mouth on as I stood in the water;  the fish swam up to my legs and looked up at me in shock. I don't know what he expected but I wasn't it. I looked kind of silly climbing back up that bank with fishing rod and 17 inch bass in tow so that I could remove the hook without losing my pole. The fish looked thankful when I returned him to the water. I hope to see him another day.      

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